Car O Liner Vision

Ever wondered how auto body shops align vehicles’ chassis back to pre-collision conditions after a severe auto collision?

Car O Liner is the leading technology in collision repair for repairing full-frame and uni-body vehicles, allowing accurate 3D measuring for comprehensive diagnostics & repair.

Car O Liner SPEED System

SPEED, as the name implies, allows the performance of collision repair and service operations quickly and effectively without compromising Safe and Proper repair, improves efficiency and turnaround time so lesser waiting time is required and you can pick up your car faster.

SPEED is the collision repair system for well-equipped auto body shops.

Aluminium Mixed Repair Bay

We are an aluminium-capable body shop. Aluminium repair requires a separate area entirely, away from the rest of the body shop because of the potential cross-contamination risks, hazardous environment. When mixed together, certain properties of aluminium may cause a fire hazard, galvanic corrosion during wielding and repair. Our Aluminium Mixed Repair Bay comes equipped with curtain walls, explosion proof vacuum unit to ensure Safe and Proper handling of aluminium debris.

Mechanical Repair Bays

We have dedicated repair bays to ensure fast turnover rates and systematic workshop flow. Our technicians are specially trained to handle all types of repairs. All our repair bays are equipped with diagnostic tools for complete checks.

Celette Bench Straightening Bay

The celette bench repair system aligns structural parts to 100% accuracy and can be performed on vehicles with light, medium or heavy damages. The bench can simultaneously control the dimensions of the entire vehicle chassis. It has specific fixtures for anchoring, measuring and parts positioning. When used with jigs, the system transforms into a comprehensive and complete measurement which provides an accurate vehicle body repair system.